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Madrid’s gastronomic scene is one that reflects the spirit and character of the city itself; that is to say effervescent, abounding and above all else Spanish. The rest of the world has recently woken up to the culinary culture of what most Spaniards have taken for granted over several centuries; food as a social lubricant, varied tapas and superb wines. Here we present some of the city’s highlights recommended by people who should know, we who live, work and socialise here.

Ático restaurant by Ramón Freixa 

01 January 2019 Ático restaurant by Ramón Freixa 

Originally from Barcelona chef Ramón Freixa now resides in Madrid, his cuisine is nevertheless a taste of the Mediterranean displaced to the capital. In this case a less formal offering than his flagship Ramón Friexa Madrid restaurant (accommodated within the Hotel Único Madrid) but one that is equally creative and surprising based on seasonal ingredients and savoir-faire.

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08 March 2018 NuBel

Chef Javier Muñoz Calero is one of the latest culinary sensations of Madrid, a young Madrileño (as natives of the city are known) now at the forefront of NuBel, a gastronomic restaurant located within the Reina Sofia, a museum specialising in 20th Century art.

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La Terraza

08 March 2018 La Terraza

Perched amid the rooftops of Madrid with its emblematic statuary and domes is La Terrazza one of the city’s must-visit rooftop cocktail bars. Belonging to The Principal Hotel Madrid, located at the start of the capital city’s main artery, Gran Vía, the views of the skyline don’t get any better than this.

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Café Comercial

08 March 2018 Café Comercial

The quintessential Madrid café, Café Comercial is old-school, 130 years to be exact, the kind of place Hemmingway would hang out if he were still around today.

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