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Where to eat the best chocolate with churros in Madrid

Eating chocolate with churros in Madrid is a tradition you can't miss if you are visiting the capital.

The comforting combination of churros and hot chocolate is the best idea to ease the cold in the capital, where temperatures drop quite a bit in the last months of the year.

There are many chocolaterías and churrerías where you can eat chocolate with churros in Madrid, but here are the best places where churros are handmade, and you can enjoy them piping hot. Take note!

What is the tradition of chocolate with churros?

The popular custom of eating churros with chocolate for breakfast began in Madrid in the 19th century and has become a classic of Spanish culture. Nowadays they are not only eaten for breakfast, but also as a snack or after a night out.

Traditionally, the chocolate is served in a piping hot porcelain cup, accompanied by a portion of churros, which are dipped in the liquid cocoa. Some places serve churros with sugar, filled churros, or offer other pastries such as porras... every churro shop has its own speciality.

Chocolate with churros in Madrid: our favourite places

Whether it's to recharge your batteries in the morning after an evening of Christmas festivities or to snack in between gift shopping, chocolate with churros is a popular winter food in Madrid. These are the best places in the city where you can enjoy its sweet taste.

San Ginés

One of the oldest shops in Madrid, the San Ginés chocolate shop serves churros every day of the year and you can have the first chocolate of the year after the countdown in Puerta del Sol. This place is one of the most traditional in the city, with a cosy interior and the typical white marble tables, and the flavour is everything you'd expect from a chocolate with churros. It's no wonder that San Ginés sells around 4,000 churros a day.

Chocolat Madrid

This chocolate shop in the Barrio de Las Letras was founded in 2003 and since then it hasn't stopped selling churros, becoming one of the most famous in the city. Their chocolate is handmade every morning, with special care taken over its thickness and quality. In addition, they have gluten-free, sugar-free, and lactose-free chocolate with churros options, so there is no impediment to not trying their delicacies.

Chocolatería Valor

Chocolatería Valor is one of the most legendary chocolate shops in Madrid. Here they offer the traditional chocolate a la taza, made from different cocoas, Swiss chocolate, and churros from their own recipe, among other delicacies. Its reputation is backed by more than 130 years of chocolate expertise since it was founded in 1881. You can find it in Callao and other locations in Madrid.


For a different experience, head to Manosanta, a modern churrería in the Salamanca neighbourhood. The place aims to attract the younger crowd with a delicious recipe accompanied by the minimalist aesthetics of millennials and generation Z. Here, it's not just the taste that matters, but also the aesthetics. Among its innovations is a combination of churro with homemade ice cream ('sandwich pecado mortal') that will win the hearts of the sweet-toothed.

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November 22, 2022