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Specialty coffee in Madrid

Explore Madrid’s specialty coffee scene and find the best cafés to enjoy top-quality brews. Discover the vibrant coffee culture of the Spanish capital.

Specialty coffee in Madrid

Coffee arrived in Spain in the 17th century, brought by sailors who traded with the East. However, it was not until the 18th century that the beverage became popular with the opening of the first coffee houses in major cities like Madrid and Seville.

The culture of specialty coffee in Madrid continues to grow, now entering what is called the "fourth wave" of coffee fever.


The best specialty coffee in Madrid

We can't deny that coffee, in all its forms, has become an essential part of Spanish culture. There are as many ways to enjoy it as there are lifestyles: from those who see it as a vital necessity to start the day, to those who accompany every conversation and social event with a steaming cup, or even those who view coffee as a form of art that requires time, dedication, and knowledge to be fully appreciated. Regardless of your approach, coffee has woven its flavor and aroma into the fabric of our society, becoming a symbol of connection, energy, and enjoyment.

These are some of our favourite specialty coffee shops in Madrid:

Randall Coffee Roasters: pioneering roasters in the heart of Madrid

Madrid, being one of the cities that first embraced this ancient beverage, is an ideal destination to discover the best specialty coffee. One of the pioneers in bringing specialty coffee to Madrid was Randall Coffee Roasters, opened in 2013. This small and cozy spot, located in the iconic Vallehermoso market, not only offers the finest self-roasted coffees but also coffee-based infusions from eastern regions.

Despite its limited space, Randall Coffee Roasters provides the perfect setting to enjoy the warmth of their staff and pair their wonderful coffees with some delightful pastries from their menu. Before leaving, don’t forget to explore other traditional spots in the market, like Alejandro Rodríguez’s butter shop or the aromas from the world at Cannelle.

Coffee interaction at Madrid’s only modbar

Indeed, Madrid’s only modbar is found at Misión Café, a place where coffee machines are integrated into the counter to promote a greater interaction between the barista and the customer. Similar to Randall Coffee Roasters, Misión Café also offers self-roasted coffee, alongside with a delicious selection of homemade pastries, perfect for pairing with the finest teas and infusions. Coffee enthusiasts shouldn’t miss their Trinidad: a creation presenting coffee in three different forms —filtered, espresso, and with milk—, allowing you to appreciate the hints of each preparation method.

Unique character and distinction at Umami

Umami, located on Alameda Street, is another iconic spot where you can savor the best latte in the city, the Pink Latte. This unique creation features touches of beetroot, giving it a pink hue and a sweet flavor that intensifies its aroma. The café itself is incredibly welcoming, with youthful touches of color, walls decorated with hand-drawn tiles, and a blend of vintage and modern furniture.

The attentive and friendly staff, with their deep interest in the world of coffee, ensures an even more enriching experience for coffee lovers. After enjoying your coffee, we recommend exploring the charming Alameda neighborhood, with its picturesque streets and vibrant atmosphere. A visit to Umami is much more than enjoying a good cup of coffee; it is about immersing yourself in the very essence of life in Madrid.


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June 27, 2024