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Madrid, the best squid sandwiches in the world

Madrid is considered a gastronomic mecca for having the best product in the world.

Not because it's local to the Community, but because it sources the best from every corner of Spain. However, there is one dish that is automatically associated in our minds with Madrid: the squid sandwich. The capital is home to a culture and tradition with this as the protagonist, and it is for this reason that the city is home to the best squid sandwiches in the world. Do you want to know where to eat the best of all?

Where to eat the best calamari sandwich in Madrid?

As expected, staying with one is not enough. So as an appetizer we bring you 5 bars where to try the best calamari sandwiches in Madrid. And if you continue reading, we bring you 5 more places near the Plaza Mayor, the destination par excellence of the squid sandwich.

  • Restaurante Gaytán

We love to start with options that call for authenticity as well as ingenuity and creativity. At Restaurante Gaytán chef Javier Aranda proposes the calamari sandwich in reverse, in which bread, calamari, lime mayonnaise and jalapeño mayonnaise combine to create a unique dish.

  • Bar Postas

In this small establishment big things happen, as big as the fact that it serves one of the best sandwiches in the city. And no wonder, because in every bite you will appreciate the freshness and quality of the calamari and the crunchy crust of the bread. And most importantly: they do not fall short with the portions!

  • Taberna dNorte

At dNorte they define themselves as authentic northern cuisine in Madrid. Located between Puerta del Sol and Gran Vía, this tavern has a very clear recipe: the best product of the Cantabrian coast at an exceptional price.

  • El Respiro

In El Respiro (located 10 minutes’ walk from Puerta de Alcalá and 1 minute walk from The Principal Madrid) you will feel the most authentic atmosphere of the capital that, along with its delicious calamari sandwiches with their generous amount, will guarantee you to live the experience in the purest Madrid style.

  • Bareto

We move to the same street of Alcalá, where hugging the Fuente de Cibeles we find Bareto, a place with a lot of tradition and history, but with a modern touch that fills it with personality. Their sandwiches are full of flavor and get the perfect fusion of crunchy bread with the tenderness of the squid.

Squid sandwiches near Plaza Mayor, the mile of this gastronomic delight

As promised above, we bring you other alternatives, but this time close to the Plaza Mayor, the enclave that made this delicious culinary treasure of the capital fashionable, and where you will find a wide range of restaurants that claim to have the best calamari sandwich in Madrid.

  • Cervecería Plaza Mayor

After 40 years satisfying all those local citizens and travelers with a craving for this authentic sandwich, Cervecería Plaza Mayor is consolidated as one of the best bars in the city.

  • John Barrita

Right in the middle of San Miguel Market you will find a totally different concept of squid sandwich. In this case, the squid filling is introduced in brioche dough, focaccias and pepitos, giving it a daring and hooligan touch, but just as tasty.

  • La Ideal

With decades of experience and a few generations maintaining and enhancing its essence, La Ideal claims to have the best and most authentic sandwich in the city. Its keys? An always crunchy bread and calamari that has it all: flavor, quality, and authenticity.

  • La Campana

One of the most historic places in the capital, La Campana has been calling for the squid sandwich since 1870, and best of all, its price is only 3 euros! So, if you find yourself in a long line to get one, don't worry, because it's normal.

  • Cervecería Sol Mayor

With more than a century of history and memories, Cervecería Sol Mayor, in an idyllic location between Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol, offers this traditional culinary treasure in the most authentic way. The place says it all! And when you enter, you will smell the most real and joyful Madrid.

From the soul of Madrid to the sky of Ático

After trying some of the calamari sandwiches offered by the destinations we have shown you in this article, we suggest you travel to one of the terraces with the best views of Madrid, in the middle of Gran Via and 10 minutes’ walk from Retiro Park, to enjoy a different but equally unique dining experience.

The Ático restaurant, located in the luxurious hotel The Principal Madrid, will suggest you a creative cuisine with a casual menu where authenticity and flavor act as protagonists. Chef Ramón Freixa will make sure that your evening in the sky of Madrid culminates in an exceptional way your gastronomic route through the capital. Book your table now!

May 30, 2022