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Wellbeing after the summer holidays

Returning to work after the summer can be tough if we don't take steps to promote our wellbeing.

A state of wellbeing enables us to deal with daily obstacles, work challenges and the general routine of everyday life in a healthy and productive way. Without it, we are susceptible to succumbing to the stresses of work and family obligations.

Although there is no recipe for wellbeing after the summer holiday, there are certain habits we can incorporate to improve our wellbeing. Read on to find out more about them!

Definition of wellbeing

Although there is no clear definition for the concept of wellbeing, we can explain it as the state of feeling healthy and happy. This means, among other things, having a positive state of mind and emotions, living with contentment and feeling good about oneself. Wellbeing includes physical and mental well-being, both of which are key to this indicator.

Tips for wellbeing after the summer

Taking digital breaks

In Spain, all workers have the right to digital disconnection, i.e. to limit the use of work-related electronic devices during rest hours.

However, even if our workplace respects this right, we must also incorporate the habit of disconnecting from social media in our free time. Avoiding checking our social accounts before going to bed or as soon as we wake up, not looking at our mobile phones while watching a movie or encouraging face-to-face meetings over digital ones are some ways to reduce digital dependency and focus on the here and now.

Engage in activities that promote wellbeing 

Incorporating activities into your day-to-day life that help limit the impact of work stress is also very important when you return from summer. Physical exercise is a fantastic way to boost wellbeing, as it releases those endorphins that are so good for your body. Doing sport improves your mood, your physical condition and reduces the risk of illness. No matter what it is, find a sport you enjoy and get moving!

Enjoy your free time

It is also important to plan leisure activities with friends and family to distract your mind from work during rest periods. Going to the cinema and theatre, going on a getaway, or meeting up for a drink are ways to make the most of the weekends and forget about routine.

Maintain proper nutrition

Eating well is essential when we come back from holidays, when we tend to overindulge in food and drink. A good start to taking care of our nutrition can be to eliminate or moderate alcohol consumption, cook healthy dishes during the week and reduce the cups of coffee we drink every day.

Another idea to eat better is to plan meals and batch cook at the weekend so that we don't have to worry about cooking after work. At the weekend, we can choose healthy restaurant alternatives and avoid fast food.

Pampering the body

Another wellbeing activity that can help us is to take the time to look after our bodies. Booking an anti-stress massage, a purifying skin treatment or a manicure and pedicure are good ways to pamper the body while relaxing the mind.

Plan a getaway

To boost your wellbeing, it is important to find moments of disconnection away from your surroundings. Planning a relaxing getaway can be a good way to take a break from everyday life and recharge your batteries without going on a long holiday.

At The Principal Madrid hotel, we have a Wellbeing Area dedicated to rest and body care, with a wide range of massages and treatments that will leave you totally renewed. Rejuvenating, antioxidant, relaxing treatments and beauty rituals that will elevate your wellbeing so that the return from summer is not so hard.

All our treatments are carried out with Natura Bissé and Comfort Zone brands, an example of high-quality cosmetics made with 100% natural and sustainable ingredients.

Our wellness area also has a gym with high-end machines for strength and cardio training. In addition, we organise free yoga sessions on the terrace so you can start your day listening to your body and mind.

Book your stay at The Principal Madrid and live a wellbeing experience.

September 21, 2023