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Wellbeing & slow life in Madrid

Nowadays we live in a society with an overwhelming pace of life and speed. How many times have you said to yourself ''I need to slow down a bit'' or ''I need to slow down my pace of life''?

Have you ever felt the need to invest more time in yourself, being aware of where you are? This is where the concepts of wellbeing and slow life come from, and how important they are in a city like Madrid!

What is wellbeing

Wellbeing is the state of tranquillity, peace, satisfaction, and happiness that we achieve thanks to our favourable physical and mental conditions. Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find it, but there is a growing tendency to adopt certain attitudes to redirect this situation. Our high stress levels push us to modify our habits and mentality, focusing on wellbeing not only as an individual concept, but also as a mission as a society.

What is slow life

Slow life is based on slowing down our lifestyles, which are moving at an increasing speed. It does not mean getting rid of everything and living a stress-free life, as that is practically impossible. However, it is possible to slow down the pace of our daily lives by eliminating rushing, investing in ourselves with more moments of relaxation and thinking consciously about where we are at any given moment. The goal is to find a balance between body, mind and spirit that will positively impact all aspects of our lives such as relationships, our productivity at work or our happiness with ourselves.

Madrid and slow life

Madrid, as the country's capital, has a more hectic pace of life than other Spanish cities. It is logical that the continuous and voluminous movement has a negative effect on the state of well-being of its citizens. It is not the same to be in the middle of the mountains in a quiet village as it is to be in a city full of hurry, with constant traffic, people arriving late for the train or thousands of people going in and out of work at the same time. For this reason, the concepts of wellbeing and slow life in Madrid are becoming more important in society as a whole.

Wellbeing at The Principal Madrid

At The Principal Madrid you will find the ideal environment and facilities to disconnect and invest in your physical, mental, and emotional health. On the one hand, you have free access to The Principal Madrid Gym, the perfect space to exercise without rushing in the heart of Madrid. On the other hand, we also offer you different treatments such as body massages, facial and beauty treatments and we even organise different activities related to wellness, with the aim of making you forget about everything, relax, rest, and just enjoy the moment.

We don't want to forget about the hotel's Yoga classes either, which are free and exclusive and take place at La Terraza. There is nothing like a yoga practice to connect with ourselves and relax body and mind. 

5 ways to practice a slow life in Madrid

At this point you may be wondering how you can follow a slow life in the city of Madrid. Luckily, this is the perfect city to lead this healthy and environmentally and socially responsible lifestyle. The Principal Madrid team suggests the following practices in the city:

1. Connect your mind and body at the best yoga centres in Madrid

We recommend Sivananda Yoga Madrid, with more than 50 years of experience; and Bhavana Yoga, specialising in Hatha Yoga classes, although they also offer Tai chi and aerial yoga classes. You can even enjoy a Thai massage there!

2. Enjoy nature in Madrid by visiting its best parks

Follow the rhythm of nature and breathe in its authenticity by strolling through Retiro Park, Madrid Rio Park or Parque del Oeste.

3. Shop responsibly in Madrid's small, traditional shops

We suggest you do your shopping in a way that has a positive impact on nature, society, and the economy. We would like to highlight El Huerto de Lucas, an ecological market in the Chueca neighbourhood where they sell 100% organic products of the highest quality.

4. Try the best slow food restaurants in Madrid

Sit down to a leisurely meal and enjoy km 0 and organic food in restaurants such as El Fogón Verde, vegan and cooperative, or Best Madrid, which offers a gastronomic experience with the best local products as protagonists.

5. Just breathe, slow down and enjoy the little things

If you come to Madrid as a tourist, plan your trip well and avoid having to rush to enjoy the city. Stroll around observing every little corner of the city, have a coffee in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the capital, visit those enclaves that are less crowded and take time to reflect on the moment. Every moment has its magic, especially if it is in a place like Madrid.

Book now your stay at The Principal Madrid and feel the well-being and tranquillity while you discover the city.  

October 28, 2021