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La Neomudéjar

A very different kind of museum…

Madrid’s La Neomudéjar is a centre of experimental arts and an international artists-in-residence programme that is committed to representing a divergent body of avant-garde creators.

Opened in 2013 it re-appropriates abandoned spaces as meeting points where art, experimentation and creativity can co-exist, with the aim of bringing art to the people. In so doing it has become a centre for education and cross-cultural exchange.

Free to get in, the museum showcases various contemporary disciplines ranging from street art, to video, performance, sound and other media while breaking down barriers of social inequality by engaging directly with the general public.

Over the years it has acquired numerous of works by respected national and international artists, which make up a significant part of the collection. Many of their pieces were inspired by a Latin American trend that explores ‘social realities’, representing vulnerable groups by making them more visible through artistic expression.

As a site that supports direct communication with the neighbourhood of Retiro, it has become a bridge between residents, neighbourhoods and related entities. What you will see here goes beyond the aesthetic, transcending money, power and politics to offer a fresh perspective on current issues.

June 05, 2020