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Vicent's Experience

The most visited multimedia exhibition in the world returns to Madrid and invites you to live a truly different experience to any art exhibition you have ever attended. It also brings some novelties after having transcended 40 cities in four continents around the globe.

Totally distant from what can be a conventional art exhibition, visitors can be active participants in the creation, being them who interact directly with the pieces of the master Van Gogh; Awaken each of the senses with lights, colors, sensations, smells, projections and more than 3,000 large-scale images involve the viewer to co-create a multi-sensory assembly designed for a cross-cultural audience.

The exhibition of the renowned post-impressionist painter features "SENSORY4TM" technology, which brings each of Van Gogh's works to life by using the walls, supports, doors and floors as a canvas for creative awakening. Striking figures and colors of the artist's work motivate new interactions and dimensions, thus stimulating in an interactive way, engaging the work in the senses of those attending the exhibition.

The main novelties are dedicated to the youngest; the new guests to participate in this creative and cultural activity, initiating on this occasion in the Fernando de Rojas Theater of the Círculo de Bellas Artes an important drawing workshop, where the budding artists can become painters and let their imagination fly without limits.

June 05, 2020