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Experience the work of KLIMT in first person

Madrid is a great cosmopolitan city with a great pace of life, where there are always things to see and do.

In this case, we come to recommend a unique experience from which we are sure you will leave enthusiastic. This coming March, the first large-format immersive production based on the work of KLIMT will premiere at MAD, Madrid Artes Digitales. A unique experience that will allow you to live in first person the evolution of the work of the Austrian symbolist painter and his world, as well as immerse yourself in the vibrant Vienna at the turn of the century.

Large-format immersive projections with a large immersive digital reality screen, virtual reality glasses experience, exhibition spaces and interactive tools make up an ambitious and spectacular cultural proposal for all audiences. These projections will allow the viewer to feel inside the paintings and buildings that the artist created.

Who is Klimt and his outstanding works

Gustav KLIMT is one of the most recognized artists of all time, an Austrian symbolist painter. An exceptional painter who created some of the most recognized and valued works in the history of art. His unmistakable aesthetic is fundamental to understand the passage of painting towards modernity and has made him a reference in fashion and aesthetics to this day.

Some of his most important works are The Kiss, Judith, The Three Ages of Woman, Danae, The Tree of Life and a long etcetera.

If you are passionate about art history or art, or just a curious visitor to Madrid, you can not miss the opportunity to visit the exhibition throughout the month of March with affordable prices for all budgets.

Klimt Madrid where to buy tickets

The sale of tickets for the exhibition will be available online from March 4, you can also purchase them at the box office, in Nave 16 of Matadero Madrid.

The price of tickets varies depending on the day, the cheapest are on Mondays on the day of the MAD spectator for 9.90 €, there are also family packs, groups > 10 people, tickets according to age. For more information, see the website of MAD, Madrid Artes Digitales.

Enjoy your stay at The Principal Madrid Hotel

Organize an unbeatable stay in our hotel The Principal Madrid 5*, an unforgettable getaway to the capital full of art.

Our luxury hotel is recognized as one of the best hotels in the city both for those who want to enjoy the local festivals, as well as those who want to sightsee and wander around Madrid, and discover all the art that hides the capital. The Klimt exhibition, the immersive experience is just one more excuse to come and disconnect from the routine with us, we are waiting for you!

March 14, 2022