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Magnolia Garden, Museum of Romanticism.

05 June 2019 Magnolia Garden, Museum of Romanticism.

Constructed in 1776 the historical palace of the Marqués de Matallana contains a marvellous collection of paintings, furniture and decorative art objects from the 19th Century that afford us a chance to see how life was lived by the Bourgeoisie during the time of the Romantic era.

We invite you to recreate the music of 15 pianos, discover the stylish Imperial period furniture and porcelain dolls contained there. Marvel at the works of Goya, Esquivel, Madrazo, Alenza and the Bécquer brothers together with ceramics by Sargadelos and Sèvres that provide an opportunity to recreate a sense of the atmosphere of unique Romanticism  presented as a cultural movement that during the first half of the nineteen hundreds inspired young artists, intellectuals and politicians of the era.

The museum also offers a private intimate space that is as charming as it is unique; the Jardín del Magnolio (magnolia gardens) that retain their original French landscaping since they were laid out during the 18th Century, with a circular fountain which together with the magnolia trees lend the garden its name, and where you can have a coffee and cake at the Café del jardín.

The Romantic era museum can be appreciated through its customs and day to day life which still speaks to us today about this cultural movement in Spain.


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