Discover new flavors

We hold weekly cocktail workshops, in which our expert bartenders teach secret tricks and cocktail recipes. During the sessions, we also look at the exotic ingredients used by our renowned mixologist Manel Vehí, who designs the Único Hotels cocktail menu.

Our new and varied menu allows you to indulge in classic cocktails, be it the legendary Dry Martini or a perfect Gin and Tonic, or opt for avant-garde cocktails, incorporating Manel Vehí’s  most advanced techniques in mixology, with results such as the “Gala Dalí”, with white Martini, Campari, lime, orange and rosé Cava, or “El Chapo” for those who dare, with Mezcal, mango, jalapeño and lime. Inspired by the new sensations and flavors discovered on his journeys, the proposal is renewed each season exclusively for our guests.