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Real Jardín Botánico

The Royal Botanical Garden, the entrance to which is adjacent to the Prado Museum is an institution that dates back to 1755 (in its current location since 1781) founded in order to exhibit plants and teach botany as well as promoting the study and classification of plant species.

Juni 05, 2020

Hospital de Maudes

Its full title is Hospital de Jornaleros de San Francisco de Paula, a precinct of buildings designed by the same architects responsible for the Palacio Cibeles, Palacios and Otamendi, to which is shares certain formal similarities.

Juni 05, 2020

Fundació Francisco Giner de los Ríos

The Free Educational Institution was founded in the 19th Century by a group of university professors under Francisco Giner de los Ríos (1839 – 1915), philosopher, educator and intellectual as a constantly evolving laboratory for new teaching methods, underpinned by a belief that society can be reformed through education.

Juni 05, 2020